Willie's Warriors

A group of family, friends coming together to raise funds and awareness for the American Cancer Society.

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Dora Vazquez-Pol, Josie Morales, Rosa Morales, Willie Vazquez, Jr, Aimee Vazquez, Jessica Vazquez Whitmore, Martin Whitmore, Joey Vazquez, Jessica Kennedy, Haley Long, Annah Long, Lucas Hyles, Stan Hyles, Daniel Berube, Dan Berube, Emma Berube, Christine McIntyre, Michael McIntyre, Michele Houle, Kathleen Flaherty, Wilma Feliciano, Agapito Feliciano, Kim Ortiz, Stacy Morales, Elijah Cruz, Arline McNamara, Thomas McNamara, Tabitha Regan, Erin Ruperto, Suzanne St.Cyr, Julie Bergstrand, Cindy Holder, Kathy Hurley, Joanne Lattanzi, Barbara Mahoney, Kathy Cormier, Ellen Coughlin, Stephanie Hyles, Andrea Brown, Christa Therriault


Interested in joining our team, email us at liddy76@charter.net

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