Willie's Warriors

A group of family, friends coming together to raise funds and awareness for the American Cancer Society.

Willie's Warriors

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August 11, 1947 - April 8, 2010

Remember and honor Wilfredo "Willie" Vazquez-Pol a beloved husband, father, uncle and friend, who was diagnosed with cancer at age 51. He lost his 10 year battle this on April 8, 2010 but throughout the process he fought with a positive attitude and a smile on his face. The doctors originally told Willie that he only had a few years to live however, they did not know our father and his love for life. Willie had an unparalleled commitment to helping others as well as a contagious laugh and a smile that we miss every day. He will continue to be our inspiration and will always be our brave warrior.

Submitted: The Vazquez Family

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1978 - 2009

Candice was a mother, a daughter, a sister, a friend and a fighter. She fought this disease for many years and lost the battle in April, 2009. I think most people out there have been touched by this disease in some way or another. Cancer takes so many loved ones from our lives every year. Let's make this year one that we fight back and FIGHT hard to find a cure. It is too late for my sister, but it may not be to late for your loved one.

Submitted by: Erin Ruperto and Family

In memory of...

1948 - 2007

On July 13, 2007 she lost her battle to lung cancer. She was huge part of the person I am today and for that I couldn't be more thankful. Patricia lives on in the hearts of her children, grandchildren, family and friends. Love you Gram!

Submitted by: Kelsey Ziman

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Hi my name is Brody I am 5 years old. I was diagnosed on September 12, 2011 with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. I am winning my battle and hope to be finished with treatment this fall 2013. I am excited for kindergarten this year and can not wait till I am done with treatment so I can be "a kid again."
I am kicking it so that I can be living proof!

Update: 2015 - Brody is an remission and has been spending his time being a typical little boy. 

Submitted by: Sarah Reardon and Jason Burton

In memory of...

1958 - 2005

I wanted to share the story of a true “warrior”, my mother Cheryl Farragher.  My mom was diagnosed with Stage 3 colon cancer at the young age of 47.  She underwent a major colon surgery, followed by a year of intense chemotherapy…all the while working full-time as a special education teacher for CHS and never once feeling sorry for herself.  Two years following her initial diagnosis (and after a year of being in remission), her cancer returned and had spread to both her liver and lungs.  Down but not defeated, she pushed ahead with chemotherapy for another year.  As she realized her health was declining (and especially when she couldn’t return to work at the start of the school year), she decided to stop chemotherapy and transition to hospice care, probably one of the hardest decisions of her life.  After a month of being at home and spending quality time with her family, she peacefully passed away on October 21, 2005 surrounded by her loving family and friends, just as she had wanted.  Although she may have lost her battle with cancer, she should be remembered for her unrelenting determination and should be hailed as a true inspiration to all.  She would be pleased to know that this worthwhile cause and “Team Willie’s Warriors” are pushing ahead to the common goal of ending cancer forever!

Submitted by: Lindsey Farragher

In memory of...

December 1951 – January 28, 2014     

Johnny was a Husband, a Brother, a Son, an Uncle, a confidant and a friend. He was diagnosed with a brain tumor (glioblastoma) September 2011.  He underwent brain surgery to remove the growth and went on a vigorous road of treatment with chemotherapy and radiation.  He continued to work in the beginning but soon would have to give up his job and concentrate on getting better. During his treatment he would continue with day to day things such as yard work, house repairs and would go to the gym every day.  He fought hard and seemed to be improving with treatment, but in June 2013 a new tumor appeared. He again began radiation and chemo. Initially the tumor shrunk but then became unresponsive to treatment.  In November 2013, Johnny was told that he would have about 4 – 6 weeks left to live.  He left us for his heavenly home on January 28, 2014.  My brother fought this fight with strength, determination, grace and dignity.  He was a wonderful man who was admired by everyone who he came in contact with.  He spent most of his time trying to heal others with his passion for holistic medicine, but his cancer was more aggressive than any holistic treatment could handle.  He is truly now my “Johnny Angel”. 

Submitted by: Carol Pacetti-Cotnoir

In memory of... 

January 1, 2014 we lost another member of our family. Tia Maria. She bravely fought her battle against ovarian cancer. She always had a smile on her face and a infectious sense of humor right through to the end. Maria will always be remembered and loved by her mom, sisters, nieces, etc

Submitted by: Kim Ortiz

In Honor of...

ALYCIA CHACON GONZALES      ***Survivor***

Alycia is going on 10 months of battling right breast and right sided lymph node cancer. 
Alycia is stated that everyday is a challenge but she has so much faith and with this faith she believes that she will be healed. Her kids are her inspiration and give her the drive to fight like she has never fought before.

We are honored to nominate Alycia as one of our Warriors will continue to support her with our positive thoughts and prayers. 

Submitted by: Lydia Vazquez & Arline Mendoza

In memory of...

September 27, 1959 - November 10 2014

My mother, Norma Marie Cassie Babineau was the best and strongest women I had ever met in my life. She was diagnosed with stage 4 Adrenocortical Carcinoma in July 2013. And we knew immediately we were up again a fight that was going to be unimaginably hard. This form of cancer, adrenal cancer (your adrenal glad controls your "fight or flight" hormones) is so rare. By that, in a room of over 25 doctors none had heard or even seen this cancer before. She got what she called her "A team" a Brigham Women's hospital where that amazing team of doctors stated that only about 200 people were diagnosed the past year (2012) with this cancer and even that amount is a big stretch. After countless amounts of chemo and trials they preformed a miracle surgery on her Adrenal glad and removed a tumor the size of a 2 liter bottle which was amazing but by that time it had spread to her lungs, and that too, become the size of a 2 liter bottle. But even in all of that my mother never stopped smiling once. She was the patient/person that never asked for anything, danced the halls and talked to everyone. Spreading cheer to everyone she could possibly talk to. My mom put every single person ahead of herself, even the ones she didn't know. She truly was living like Jesus. I thank God every single day of my life for giving me the honor of being her daughter and I thank him for blessing me so abundantly, simply by her. I could talk for days about how truly amazing she is, and continues to be. All her trials and tumor are being used now to help develop a possible cure for this rare cancer. Exactly what she wanted "even if it doesn't help me, maybe one day I will be able to save a life".On November 10th, 2014 heaven gained another beautiful angel. I believe she wanted desperately to see Joey, Willies son because he reminded her so much of Willie. I also know that Willie and my mom are with us every step of the way and that feels so good to know. They were two of the best people I have ever met.

Submitted by: Kalyla Babineau


In Memory of...


I want to nominate my friend Brenda. She was diagnosed with stomach cancer -stage 4 and lost her battle last.  She was a really awesome navy spouse,mom and most of all a true warrior! 

Submitted by: Selena Benjamin

In memory of...

James "Jim" Cotnoir

July 1947-December 2015

Jim was a loving husband, father, son, and brother who always had time to lend a helping hand. He always had some sort of project going. He enjoyed making silhouette figures out of plywood to decorate the yard with, and he could do any number of fix up jobs around the house. No matter how busy he got, he was always there if someone needed his help and people were there for him as well.

Around October, he suddenly started to experience shortness of breath. The problem turned out to be fluid in his lung, which the doctors removed from the lung. Testing determined there was cancer present, and they discussed chemo as a treatment when he got stronger. Unfortunately, the fluid returned, and the treatment was never to be. He was admitted to the hospital on December 22, and he died two days later. I will forever remember the calm he had in him over those two long days, and I will never forget the courage, strength, and humor he showed until the very end.  He is now, and forever will be, greatly missed.

In memory of...
Joseph H. Cassasanto

January 18, 1927 - March 13, 1992

For three years my father John bravely fought colon cancer. Our father loved his family and his friends, especially our mother. Anytime we mention our father, his famous Giuseppe's Pizza is what comes to mind. His pizza is still talked about today. Our father was an avid sports fan. He greatly enjoyed all sports. It did not matter if he was on the sidelines coaching baseball, playing golf, or watching his beloved New England Patriots. Our dad was a true fan of all sports, but most importantly, he was our  WARRIOR and we love and miss him everyday!

Submitted by: Angela Cassasanto and Family

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